Life Portraits

Steph in Mosman

She has thanked me a lot for this shooting, but I can't but return the thanks back to her. Steph and I were keen to do this portrait shoot together for months before actually making it a reality. The amazing thing happened when she showed me some places that are simply out of this world. That's what I thought anyway, since it looks completely different to what surrounds our area normally. There I found a place similar to that of a jungle. Wild trees, a small river dense vegetation and therefore a beautiful place to take a photographer to.

The lighting during the day was superb, because the clouds were just starting to move together, as if they were preparing a huge softbox for me, which created a nice, smooth and soft light on her face. Something that every bride and girl should wish for themselves. Therefore, don't be afraid of cloudy wedding days! They make for awesome photography.

When Steph asked me what to wear, I simply replied: "Something you feel beautiful and comfortable in." I'm so glad I said that. She really looked like she normally does, which I love. Her freckles, her natural curly hair and a light dress.

Thank you.

Sometimes it's nice to shoot someone with which you have more of a personal connection. This is the case with Steph in Sydney, a good friend of mine who I'd been meaning to shoot for quite some time. Steph has a glowing, kind personality that makes working with her very pleasant, while seeming perhaps a little introverted in day to day life she is very comfortable in front of the camera and gave me a-lot to work with. We chose a location she loves in Cremorne, Sydney.

The shoot itself was relatively impromptu and open. Rather than directing her towards certain clothing or looks I simply asked her to wear something that she felt comfortable, maybe beautiful in, I didn't necessarily want this to be about what she looked like but more so about capturing the Steph I know. I think she chose very well. The outfit was wonderful, practical and meshed well with the locations, I particularly love how the green tone of her dress compliments the wood textures and leafy greens of the forest and bridge. It manages to be beautiful without being overwrought.

I was also quite impressed with the way Steph carried herself through the shoot too, with most non-models this process is often a little slow. People are unsure of how to hold themselves or where to put their hands, and without the guidance of a good photographer it shows in images. Steph was quite the opposite throwing pose after pose at the camera, keeping up with my rapid fire shooting and really getting into the flow of the shoot.

Overall I'm very happy with the shoot, it has a wonderful, extempore energy and once again I really can't overstate how phenomenal Steph was to shoot with.

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