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"Maurizio is an amazingly talented photographer who knows how to make every person look even more wonderful on the photos! It was great to work with him on my label's shoot, he knew the right angles to shoot from , set up the lighting and edited the images perfectly. I could recommend him to anyone as he is a very nice, friendly and professional photographer & also videographer! Thank you Maurizio, I hope we can work together again in the future!"
Zsófia Mátrai - Fashion Designer
Sydney, Australia
1 / 11
"Maurizio was professional, efficient, friendly and did a great job with our corporate photos. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Made Of Light."
Kestrel Stone - Elemental Projects - Corporate Headshots
Sydney, Australia
2 / 11
"Absolutely excellent service with Maurizio, would recommend to anyone and everyone!"
Danna - Model
Sydney, Australia
3 / 11
"Maurizio is a true artist and his work and images conjure and elicit strong feelings and emotions. He is excellent and professional to work with and his strong portfolio speaks for itself he is exceptional at what he does"
Natalie Que - Model
Sydney, Australia
4 / 11
"It was great working with you and you are an amazing photographer."
Elizabeth Pearson - Photo Model
Sydney, NSW
5 / 11
"Thank you so much for the photos. I love them! It was such a pleasure working with you. I really enjoyed it. You are such an amazing photographer. Thanks again :)"
Karina Copeland - Photo Model
Sydney, NSW
6 / 11
"Thank you heaps! You were such a good photographer :)"
Georgia Barlow - Photo Model
Sydney, NSW
7 / 11
"Maurizio gave us fast-turnaround work to our exact specifications. Very impressed."
Clem Roberts - RYR Accounting
Sydney, NSW
8 / 11
"Hay Maurizio, I love the photos you took! They look amazing! It was great to work with you! Hope we can do it again sometime. Britt"
Brittany Erin Parker - Model
Sydney, NSW
9 / 11
"The photos are amazing!! Thank you so much!"
Lauren Kate Natoli - Make Up Artist
Sydney, Australia
10 / 11
"Hi Maurizio. I just saw the photos of the bridal shoot on your website. Looks fantastic! Thank-you so much! Your an amazing photographer."
Tina Yong - Make Up Artist
Sydney, Australia
11 / 11

About us


Light; the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible. Light is one of the most powerful, beautiful forces in our life.

We are a small team of very talented photographers and videographers.

We’re passionate about beauty and emotions and want to convey it picture by picture, frame after frame.

We have a very unique approach to editing and post-processing our photos as well as videos.

We do all our editing in-house because no one else has been able to deliver the same high-end finish as us.

To give you one example, we care a lot about retaining the skins natural texture when doing beauty or editorial shoot, while being able to remove blemishes that may be distracting and wouldn’t be there in a month’s time. This high-end retouching skill allows us to create photography that isn’t afraid of being printed in extra large for advertising and commercials.

When it comes to video and quality, we’re able to do something extraordinary to stand out from most, having mastered a technique that we haven’t come across any other film agency yet, anywhere in the world. we can’t reveal all our tricks, but you certainly can have a taste of the finished product.

Our way of filming allows us to be unobtrusive, yet achieve a very cinematic look, as if it was meant for the big screens.




Best fashion photographer in Sydney
  • Up to 6 hours
  • Consultancy Skype Session
  • One Photographer
  • Option of Studio or Outdoor
  • Download link
Best fashion photographer in New York
NOW $5250
  • Conceptualisation + Storyboard
  • Consultancy Skype Session
  • 0.5-2 minute video
  • Custom Composed Music
  • Download Link
  • TV Commercial quality
Best portrait photographer in Sydney
  • Up to 2 hours
  • Consultancy Skype Session
  • One Photographer
  • Option of Studio or Outdoor
  • Download link
  • 5-10 Photographs
  • Fully edited and retouched
Best photo retouching in Sydney
  • Up to 5 images
  • High-end retouching
  • Fashion/Editorial quality
  • Skype consultancy session
  • Download link


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Yes, we're based in Sydney; specifically in the beautiful neighbourhood of Mosman.

Myriads. We work as teams or as little as one person, depending on each job. But quality and personal connections is what we value and cherish.

If you say please.

You have two options:



you could wait until "the time is right"; for all the stars to align, while an elephant is walking past your window, sneezing onto a grumpy crocodile, and it spits out a bag full of money that is waiting for you to be picked up and pay your photographer with.

But since life's in your hands, act today and catch the opportunity each and every day.

We work very closely with an italian composer (yes, you read that right!), so every clip gets its personal touch and everyone will be free from copyright issues down the track.