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Cassandra and Davide have a great love story to share, which I will want to recount with a few words, but mostly with what the passion Made of Light is: Wedding Photography.

We've known both Davide and Cassandra for some time before their wedding, which also added to the specialty of their wedding day. On this note, I believe it adds to it, when the photographer knows at least a bit what the couple loves and who loves them back, so as to capture the day with some stunning wedding photography.

Davide came from Milano in Italy and spent a year working/holiday in Australia, where he gained great friends. I believe it has to do with his great personality. He is able to introduce himself like a gentleman and have character and strength like a young man coming from a good family. My wife and I could only imagine that it wouldn't have been hard for Cassandra to fall in love.

Cassandra was raised in an Italian family in Australia and brings the best from both cultures: the open-mindedness and the smile and human understanding. She was by far one of the most pleasant brides to be around, as if she has to still be caring about everyone around her on her own wedding day.

Debora and I could sense so much the presence of natural feelings and genuine love that it was quite easy to photograph the couple in their best expressions, both while getting the 'posed' shots in private, and while having fun at the reception, dancing and laughing. There were also some quite touching speeches given by their respective family members, that made us drop a tear every time.

We can only say that it was a wise decision to get married, seeing that you really belong to each other. We loved everything about it, including the locations around Sydney and Pyrmont and will always look back at the photos with a smile.

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